Guaranteed Rent 



Here at Eden Homes we offer a bespoke Guaranteed Rent scheme which is aimed at providing the optimal fixed income solution for the Landlord.



With the Guaranteed Rent scheme Landlords can expect the following:


- We Pay Your Rent, even when the property is empty!

- We agree a GUARANTEED rent payment plan.

- Rent is paid on time, every time.

- Rents are paid in arrears during the lease period, even when your property is empty.

- No more chasing tenants for non-payment.

- No more legal fees for eviction costs.

- No more rents written off as loss due to problematic tenants.

- Competitive rent paid for all properties with built in protection aimed around the needs of the landlord.

- Property returned after the lease period in the same condition as of the commencement of lease agreement with a comprehensive property condition inventory               conducted (with pictures) at the start and finish of the lease period.


Why Choose Rent Guarantee?


- No letting agent fees

- No more late payments or missed payments

- No rental void periods

- No tenant Finder Fees

- No rental insurance costs

- No legal costs for eviction

- Less hassle and better rental return

- Agree a sale price of your property over 3 or 5 years (Optional)



So if you want to take advantage of such a great offer... Start dialling and give us a Call!